Market Access & Pharmacoeconomics

Scientific accuracy, extensive sources of information, global and updated knowledge on the healthcare market, and partnership with the client: These are the four foundations on which Evidências – Kantar Health bases its work to offer our clients customized and evidence-based solutions.

With expertise in the healthcare situation in Brazil, Evidências – Kantar Health develops strategies for public and private market access as well as pharmacoeconomic analyses. Our projects cover diverse degrees of complexity and have a “cross-functional” development, as they are performed in close partnership with the customer, increasing the quality of the analysis. Our clients in this space include major pharmaceutical and health insurance companies, devices industries, hospitals and medical societies in Brazil.

​​The Market Access & Pharmacoeconomics department of Evidências – Kantar Health has a multidisciplinary team of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, administrative professionals and journalists. In 2014, we developed more than 60 projects in the areas of evidence-based medicine (EBM), market access and pharmacoeconomics.

Our Services:

Evidence-based medicine (EBM): We produce systematic reviews and meta-analyses using techniques that seek the best available evidence in the literature for decision-making.

Pharmacoeconomics: We offer a wide range of services in pharmacoeconomics, including critical analysis prior to submission of dossiers; management of expert panels for obtaining local data; development of dossiers for drug and health product pricing, clinical and economic value, and standardization in the public and private markets for submission to the National Commission on Technology Incorporation in the Brazilian Healthcare System (CONITEC); elaboration of micro-costing from real-world databases; and adaptation or development of economic models of cost-effectiveness or budget impact.

Market Access: We provide consulting for the development of market access strategies for new products or for repositioning of existing products, as well as cross-functional integration within institutions. We also perform research with public and private payers and market segmentation, customized by therapeutic area.

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