Healthcare Management

The Healthcare Management department of Evidências – Kantar Health has a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, dentists and administrative professionals.

We serve more than 50 corporate clients, including some of the largest health plans in the country. Throughout our history, we have analyzed more than 50,000 cases. In 2014 alone, we assessed more than 19,000 cases of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunobiological therapies and high-complexity cases in other areas of medicine and dentistry. We also developed 158 reviews for scientific support for legal cases.

Our Services:

Analysis of high-complexity cases: We analyze cases considered atypical and complex. Using evidence-based medicine (EBM) techniques, we offer our customers an overview of the scientific support related their product or technique within 48 working hours.

Pareceres - clinical guidelines and mini-health technology assessments: We develop health technology assessments in several areas (medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy) through systematic literature reviews, which allow an overview on the determined topic. We also elaborate clinical guidelines, always based on EBM, which can serve as a tool for update and continuing education of medical staff, to design processes or to guide coverage analysis.

Subscription in Pareceres website: Pareceres’ website has more than 300 documents developed by Evidências – Kantar Health, including guidelines and health technology assessments. The system is confidential and discreet, and it is available only through subscription of authorized entities.

Third opinion: We offer analyses following ethical principles, such as contact with the requesting physician for research and data collection, which leads to better understanding of the clinical situation and decision making based on scientific evidence.

Scientific support for legal cases: We analyze specific cases being heard by the courts. The document analysis is performed by a senior member of our staff, who writes a medical opinion using EBM techniques in language relevant to judges and lawyers, emphasizing legal and technical support.

Consulting in EBM, health technology assessment and healthcare management: We perform custom engagements to achieve our clients' goals in healthcare insurance, services and business.

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