Clinical Research

Clinical research is key to improving healthcare. Through it, it is possible to analyze the safety and efficacy of new drugs and procedures, ensuring that patients have access to the best treatment available.

Through customized services, Evidências – Kantar Health seeks to bring solutions to the clinical and scientific research field. With great experience in the market and a multidisciplinary team, we combineknowledge from different areas and scientific expertise to develop interventional and observational studies, assisting our clients in the understanding and pursuit of scientific and technical support. Our interventional studies  assist our clients from Phase I to Phase IV, including pivotal studies. Our observational studies focus on epidemiological studies, cost of illness, database analysis, effectiveness and safety in the real world. Evidências – Kantar Health also has partnerships with several research centers, as well as with consultants in many therapeutic areas.

Our services are ratified in accordance with determinations of Good Clinical Practice, ICH-E9 Document of the Americas, and local and international regulations. We offer services including:

Study design: We develop, review and conduct strategic analysis, focusing on the feasibility of interventional clinical protocols for Phase I to IV studies, as well as observational studies.

Statistics: We perform analysis, sample calculations and plans for statistical analysis.

Assistance in clinical research: We offer scientific and technical support to clinical research, exposing opinions and positions to regulatory agencies, aiming at transparency and credibility.

Critical review of documents: We develop risk assessment of research protocols, review and critical analysis of reports and protocols.

Clinical publications: We write and edit articles, abstracts, graphics, supplements and posters.

Site management in observational studies: We conduct the selection and management of research sites in observational studies.

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